Cold Season

from by Cedric Till & Undogmatic

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[Verse 1]
Serenity sets in when purpose arrives
Never had a God, but I worship time
To do with as I please, in my privacy
Imagined that as a religion, but it seemed unlikely
No time to tell others their business
Unless I have invested interest, ya get it?
Slow train coming, they call that reform
Calm as the storm, it's y'all that can't weather it
Shedding my adherence to norms that ain't definite
20 percent of my attention is worth
80 percent of the shits I had left to give
The rest of them is found in the nether of irrelevance
Done perusing the past, stepped out the Animus
If women want me to care now, tell'em I'm celibate
Utilitarian mindframe, it's not the most popular
But simply put I'm tired of the mindgames...

[Verse 2]
Indifference is so cathartic
My mind was so cluttered, I'm feeling true neutral
You probably liked me better all cuddly
Me, I probably like you better in a tutu
The non-sequitur is fitting, if you didn't follow
Like when you're saying something's lit, cause you think it's novel
Today is just a day that I feel like
Extending the longest digit on the hand that feels right
Dressed to kill the notion I would pay the cost
You're the type of square not found in a natal chart
First of April, you're the resident smart-ass
But I have been a dick beforehand, you've been warned
Frauds checking on me thinking I'll check back
But I got the nuts, bet that on your small pair
Never supported any of my endeavors
And I've been raised by better, why d'you think I would call there?
Cold season, go and find you a warm heart
I just got a taste of the money and want more
Been sleeping alone for the last four years
So at this point of my life, there's not a bed I would share
I'm good, we can be friends, ends will stay separate
Against nature, changing his spots, the leopard did
You probably thought you got me all figured out
Well, which of us idiots is bigger now?
Single Malt in the tumbler
Asinine comments get ignored as I rap into a Wunder
I hope you find the love of your life
What if I find loving my life is much more important?
Hard to judge bars you could never pass
Done being modest to a fault, here's a better draft
You can be blind and given a stick
Regain sight, and see that dog never really existed...


from INFP, released February 29, 2016




Undogmatic Lisboa, Portugal

One-man music project from Portugal. The man behind it has developed a passion for dark, melancholic and atmospheric beats.

He likes experimenting with downtempo, trip hop, dub, illbient and hip hop, drawing greatly from an eclectic influence of other music genres as diverse as neoclassical, jazz, folk, ambient, dark ambient, world and industrial, to name a few.
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