Nothing New

from by Cedric Till & Undogmatic

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[Verse 1]
A token from the sages, never once heeded
Resulted in a hatred that we keep feeding
And let it stew because we can't see the
Inherent fault in that logic, 'cause we don't need it
On a place called Earth, driven by base desires
We measure value by what is acquired
Too often I saw pain when I looked inside a woman's eyes
Fourty-three thousand two hundred times, how do you empathize?
Policía's in on it, so are priests and judges
Girls are trafficked, everybody wants a piece of it
Corruption's deep-seated, men have never seemed above it
Some extremists see rape as a form of worship
Difficult to see beauty in this world, yet
Nothing else will keep us wanting more from our existence
Things we do to each other alter the distance
Between us, are we enemies or brothers and sisters?
Everything alleged don't mean everything's permitted
While lies and deception run rampant
A story got posted, the so-called
Female suicide bomber is living in Morocco
A teen is shot and killed on a dashcam
Will atrocities continue till the last man?
Something's cynical about an Act of Free Choice
Especially when gold reserves become a key point
Germany's expending soldiers in a proxy war
The queues of refugees are getting longer, and the rate
Of species going extinct, is higher than it was before
Governments invite companies to write our laws
Gun control is just a topic for civilians
As governments peddle merchandise by the billions
Terrorism is a matter of perspective, when people bomb your city
Yeah, you wanna get'em back, it's
A vicious cycle of violence that's not unlike a thunderstorm
Appeal to a man's rage, he will run along
Ready for the octagon on Captagon, unfazed by the slaughter
Carried out, just like at the Bataclan...

[Verse 2]
People looking to the skies for guidance
That never brought anything but rain, hail and supercells
Gods only answer prayers of the rich
We rationalize away whenever logic doesn't fit
Personality cults are a bane, it's absurd
We're told to think freely, yet behave as the herd
Addicted to name brands, trying to sell what we can
We turn ourselves into them, then we smile for the cams
Told to empathize and yet block out the suffering
Don't want to be judged while trying to provide sustenance
To be blunt, we're the regular's table attending
A screening of Nothing New on the Middle Eastern Front
Makes me wonder when the Reapers come
Although I'm thankful every day I see the Sun
Finding solace in moments with friends, although they're getting rarer
Noone but myself gets to tell me to cheer up...


from INFP, released February 29, 2016




Undogmatic Lisboa, Portugal

One-man music project from Portugal. The man behind it has developed a passion for dark, melancholic and atmospheric beats.

He likes experimenting with downtempo, trip hop, dub, illbient and hip hop, drawing greatly from an eclectic influence of other music genres as diverse as neoclassical, jazz, folk, ambient, dark ambient, world and industrial, to name a few.
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