The Last Few Months

from by Cedric Till & Undogmatic

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[Verse 1]
So many years of my life...
I used to wonder if you saw what I was giving you
Without ever asking myself if you was willing to
So now that I have given up on feeling wistful
You tell me all you wanted to hear is that I miss you
A friend of mine once wrote a poem on vicissitudes
Like getting judged on the one thing that you didn't do
In the face of those you did, it should pale
But humans expect the best, and when you are, you can't fail
Open ocean, you are free to set sails
You lack the faith to ever see beyond the veil
How long have we lived in a world of dreams
Without ever poking one another, so we know it's real?
What about the journeys that we couldn't undertake?
Because whenever I was ready to, you'd run away?
See, there is no such thing as bad timing
Just the wreck left behind when we've failed to read the signage
Some people we shouldn't warn, but we warned them
Saw cycles that they couldn't break, and tried to reform them
They're probably asking themselves what we want from them
But they'll go crazy if we ever cease to want them
Hoping for a chance that may never come
Imprisoned by a moment long past, till at long last
Memories are ultimately compartmentalized
Yet when it's quiet, we couldn't help but fantasize...

[Sample - Helen Fisher (american anthropologist) - "What We Want"]

[Verse 2 - Concrete Cee]
Dark urges, tempted by lust, tempered by trust
Between me, you and her, nothing's ever enough
We want more so we go for, exiled to pleasure
Ran through a box of three in a day, then bought the next one
She's found at raves, downing Margeri's
Passing Js, feeling on women who felt first
Tongues meet in confined space, my version of wet work
She knelt before the sword, trying to fall into it
She closed the door, didn't want all to view it
Eyes met, time froze, there was more to it
We went back to her place, put on some soft music
If I didn't tear the wall down, at least I roared through it
Get a kick from pissing neighbors off
Putting strains on bedsprings or dents into wallpaper from headboards
To me, it's more than just lust, it's a self-control freak
Losing himself willingly to the rush
It's the smell afterwards, goosebumps from the touch
No such thing as too much
Funny thing is we still treat each other just like friends
So what the fuck do we know about love?

[Verse 3 - Concrete Cee]
Open up, show a person that you care for
How you truly feel, that you will be there for
Recently read a story about a young girl
That took her own life, cause she felt she was a burden
To her mother, that she felt didn't love her
So much pain, depressions ate her alive, then the drugs became
A way to escape the torment, only temporarily though
Cause when the high dies, it's back to low
She wrote a note on Tumblr, said it was the end
While a tune in her memory played, I couldn't hold it in
Reminded of the lost ones
Who had nobody near when the storm would come
I wrote a message to a woman I cherish
And asked for forgiveness, cause I never let her know she was very missed
I asked her to never let us lose us
Cause there is still hope for us in the future
Told her she inspired my songs
She replied she believes in me to always be strong
And make my way in this life, to be love and give it
One day we'll see each other again, whoever visits...


from INFP, released February 29, 2016




Undogmatic Lisboa, Portugal

One-man music project from Portugal. The man behind it has developed a passion for dark, melancholic and atmospheric beats.

He likes experimenting with downtempo, trip hop, dub, illbient and hip hop, drawing greatly from an eclectic influence of other music genres as diverse as neoclassical, jazz, folk, ambient, dark ambient, world and industrial, to name a few.
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