from by Cedric Till & Undogmatic



Bonus track for the EP


People always tell you "love yourself"
That's redundant, I'm the only one that does it
So I sarcastically explain to them
That everything I want out of love is unobtainium

Strangers love to see the pain I'm in
When they tell me that they want me on the stage again
We're all users, addicts
Selfish, wounded, justifying madness

The way I've aged never lets you see my mind's scars
Life in slow motion, when I write it's like a time warp
Back and forth, slow it down
Fast forward, there's enough time to go around

Your voice says it, I don't even need the words
So when they hit my eardrums, it won't even hurt
It's just a means to confirm my
Reluctance in the end was wise, seeing how it turned out

Alcoholic, but my gin is just platonic
When lovedrunk, I feel my impaired judgment's neurotic
I'm running loops, but refuse to jump through a hoop
And frankly I don't understand what love has got to do with it

We just give each other's vibes, taking what we can
While we enrich each other's lies
My eyes are like salt flats, too dry to cry
Those shed tears from past years became crystallized

Repeating patterns, till it's groundhog day again
All the crushes left me crushed, within my naked skin
These brown eyes that you are gazing in
Are tired of being told what I desire is unobtainium


from INFP, released February 29, 2016




Undogmatic Lisboa, Portugal

One-man music project from Portugal. The man behind it has developed a passion for dark, melancholic and atmospheric beats.

He likes experimenting with downtempo, trip hop, dub, illbient and hip hop, drawing greatly from an eclectic influence of other music genres as diverse as neoclassical, jazz, folk, ambient, dark ambient, world and industrial, to name a few.
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