Nerve Toxins

from by Cedric Till & Undogmatic

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[Verse 1]
Grey strands of hair, eyes tired
When sense is absent from life, may the buyer
Beware, every word is a spike on an iron chair
The fog of war covers land love has pioneered
In the end, thankless duties are shirked
And those making demands see the value of the work
The doer of the misdeed suspects
The victim of the same acts, as though the bond wasn't strained yet
The mirror bore the same cracks as his soul
Because the one trying to be in is losing control
The young ones pick up on the vibe and it molds
Their perception of dealings between two adults
Perpetuated abuse won't let scars heal
And the pain is carried on concealed behind a shield
In the end, we only contend with ourselves
Which is why we believe we must fend for ourselves

[Verse 2]
Shame's revealed when a promise wasn't kept and you're
Held to it, see the grid from below? You fell through it
No clipping, neither to your own stunted wings
Nor the bigger picture, you'll never glimpse
The days have long passed where you tried me
And somehow lucked into me speaking out in your defense
You can find me where the grass isn't greener, but at least it's there
You can't reap where you didn't sow seeds
Apologies are of very little use to me
And your little shoes no longer fit on my feet
My glares smash hulls whose integrity is poor
Since your mask doesn't hold, I would rather be ensured
You tell me, should I cut cords to cut losses?
Hard losing something that from the start was forfeit
When some lines are crossed, you nail whoever crossed ya
And I'm just real glad to be off ya...


from INFP, released February 29, 2016




Undogmatic Lisboa, Portugal

One-man music project from Portugal. The man behind it has developed a passion for dark, melancholic and atmospheric beats.

He likes experimenting with downtempo, trip hop, dub, illbient and hip hop, drawing greatly from an eclectic influence of other music genres as diverse as neoclassical, jazz, folk, ambient, dark ambient, world and industrial, to name a few.
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